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How do I place an order?

Orders are received via our website or directly through a sales associate. 

Why is the weight different?

Some of our popcorn flavors have sugar coating on them, which causes it to weigh more. For example, flavors Peanut Butter Chocolate and Caramel Butter Bliss are coated, so they weigh more than Poppin' Hot and Parmesan Garlic,  but the volume is the same. 

Why am I being charged if I am qualified to be tax-exempt?

Tax will be added to all first-time website orders for Georgia ship-to addresses.

If you email us your tax exemption form, we can verify your status. We can then go in and adjust your online account (using your email address).

In order for us to remove the tax and shipping, we must have your tax exemption form on hand. We cannot remove tax fees from an order if it has already been shipped.

Once we have adjusted your online account, future orders placed using your email address will not be taxed.

Download Georgia Sales Tax Exemptions Forms

Is your popcorn genetically modified or genetically engineered?

No. We use only non-GMO kernels.

Does your popcorn contain animal products?

Many of our flavors contain butter, cheese and milk. This would include our Sweet & Cheesy, Parmesan Garlic, Hot Wings and Ranch and Poppin' Hot. Our Funky Chunky Oreo and Peanut Butter Chocolate contains milk.

How long does the popcorn remain fresh?

Our popcorn has about a 2-3 month shelf life. For most states, we can usually ship out the product on the same business day or the next after receiving shipping.

How do I store my popcorn?
Our popcorn, must be stored in a  cool dry, place to maintain its optimum shelf life. As with just about any food product, heat and humidity can be harmful to the freshness and flavor. 

What is your return  policy?
Our product is considered a perishable product and we therefore, cannot take back any product. If your popcorn is damaged or you receive the wrong flavor, we will correct it- we will request photos of the error and the tracking number. 

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