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6 Amazing Gifts for Popcorn Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for your popcorn-loving friend isn’t easy! You can always rely on a premium packet of gourmet popcorn to make their day, but there’s a lot more you can give them!

From popcorn-scented candles to personalized bowls, we’ve listed our best options here:

Flavored Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn lovers go gaga over gourmet popcorn, and rightly so! These delicious delights are a frequent gift choice due to their personal and thoughtful nature.

You can gift your friends and family different exotic flavored popcorn from Just Get Poppin’ so they can try our range of sweet, savory, and cheesy flavors to find their favorite kind.

Popcorn Kernel Sifter

Oh, and for the days when your popcorn lover decides to make the snack at home, gift them a kernel sifter. It’ll sift away the unpopped popcorn pieces that can nearly crack your tooth!

Personalized Popcorn Bowl

Your popcorn-loving friend or family member deserves a bowl that’s not generic! Spice up their popcorn times by gifting them a personalized popcorn bowl.

Remember not to gift an empty bowl! Fill it up with fancy popcorn flavors they’re sure to love!

Date Night Popcorn

Enjoying a romantic movie date night with your popcorn lover? You must make it super special! Get a small box and fill it with everything you need for the movie night. It could be a rented DVD, drinks, a throw blanket, candies, and of course, our Pop Icon or Party Starter gourmet popcorn bag.

Popcorn Scented Candles

Yes, really! This is the go-to gift for those that want to munch on popcorn all the time! With popcorn-scented candles, they’ll also be able to smell delicious popcorn flavors whenever they want!

Popcorn Jewelry

A pretty corny gift if you ask us, but super adorable too! Get them a popcorn-inspired ring, necklace, bracelet, and even earrings! You can also choose from popcorn phone cases, keychains, socks, and more!

Buy Flavored Gourmet Popcorn from Just Get Poppin’

What’s better than gifting exotic flavored popcorn to a popcorn lover? If you’re searching for premium quality fancy popcorn flavors made from non-GMO kernels, check us out!

At Just Get Poppin’, we sell a variety of must-try sweet, savory, and cheesy flavors that’ll make you want more!

From crunchy Rockin Rainbow’, Funky Chunky Oreo, Caramel Butter Bliss to divine Peanut Butter Chocolate, Fall Festival, Nacho Momma, and more, we’ve got something for everyone.

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