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Late-Night Snacking — 5 Midnight Snacks to Munch On

a cup of popcorn

Who can sleep on a stomach that won’t stop growling?

Late night hunger hits different. You’re not super hungry and yet you need something light to snack on. Ignoring this craving is just very difficult!

Whatever the reason for this ill-timed snacking need, if you’re in the kitchen and looking to eat something healthy, we’re here for you!

Go through our good-for-you snacks that are satisfying and loaded with healthy nutrients that promote sleep.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Relive your childhood with a good ol’ PB&J sandwich. Wondering how it is a healthy night snack? Studies show that certain foods (like peanut butter) contain tryptophan, an amino acid that is converted to melatonin and promotes sleepiness. Carbs ln readily available to your brain, making it a perfect pre-sleep snack.

popcorn buckets

Cheese and Crackers

Want something savory and delicious? Just say cheese (and crackers)! Healthy and nutritious, especially if you opt for whole grain crackers and sides like apple slices, grapes, and veggies, this easy-to-much dish will become your go-to for late-night cravings.


Popcorn is an all-time favorite. Whether you munch on it while binge-watching your favorite TV shows or just a late-night snack, it’ll not disappoint you. Feeling adventurous? Try exotic flavored popcorn to satisfy your hunger craving with a punch of extra flavor without feeling weighed down.

Greek Yogurt and Fruit

Greek yogurt is rich in protein, but did you know it can help you catch some well-needed Zzzs? The calcium in Greek yogurt is converted to tryptophan and melatonin by your brain and thus helps you sleep better and longer as well. Instead of adding sweetener, use fresh fruit and chia seeds as a topping.


There’s nothing as heart-warming and stomach-filling as a hearty bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal. It’s a perfect light pre-sleep snack which comes loaded with fiber and beta-glucan to keep your bowels healthy and cholesterol in check. You don’t have to opt for stee-cut oats; just regular instant oatmeal will do.

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