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What is Organic Popcorn?

The idea of living a healthy life where all you do is indulge in organic food from health-focused brands and restaurants is an appealing concept. Organic foods are growing increasingly popular and today, US consumers spend around $57.5 billion on organic produce.

This is because organic food is healthier, safe for the environment, and tastier than other forms of conventionally grown food.

If you’ve committed to eating healthier food that’s also gentle on the environment, it’s essential that you also opt for snacks that are organically produced. This is what brings us to organic popcorn.

Let’s take a deeper look at what organic popcorn is and how it’s a healthier choice than other non-organic snacks.

How is Organic Popcorn Made?

Organic popcorn is made from organic corn and other organic ingredients like oils and butter. The USDA sets strict rules and regulations that farmers must follow for organic farming and producing organic food products.

According to the USDA, growers have to follow the following agricultural practices:

Maintain and enhance water and soil quality

Conserve biodiversity

Practice resource recycling

Eliminate the use of synthetic materials

If you decide to opt for organically grown food, make sure to look for the USDA organic seal.

Organic popcorn is different from conventionally made popcorn because it is free from any pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides. Several pesticides are harmful not just to our health, but also significantly negatively impact the environment.

The Health Benefits of Organic Popcorn

Organic popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks since it is made with 100% whole grain and fiber. It contains very low amounts of fats and calories and has a high antioxidant content that protects the cells from damage.

Eating organic popcorn can:

Helps to improve blood circulation and promotes digestive health

Lowers the risk of certain cancers

An organic diet strengthens the immune system

Minimizes the risk of allergies and eczema

One of the main reasons why people gravitate toward organic food is because it has lower levels of chemicals and resistant bacteria. Studies suggest that consuming organic food minimizes exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and pesticide residues. Another study shows that cadmium – a toxic metal – was found to be 48% lower in organically produced food than in non-organic food.

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