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Variety is the SPICE of Life



Gifting became slightly challenging as the years went by. Just Get Poppin' owner and proprietor Yvetta Young, whose mounting business entities run the gamut, relied on her wildly creative energy and her knowledge of friend's and family's favorite flavors and treats when imagining the concept of Just Get Poppin' popcorn.  Cooking up samples in her kitchen and feeding her curiosity for interesting blended flavors, Yvetta knew that this was a project she could launch with love. She then took her idea for a spin with partners Gayle Carey and Nedra Nyles, and collectively they breathed life into Just Get Poppin'!

So when you purchase a bag of Just Get Poppin' for a loved one, a friend or as a gifted token, remember that every kernel popped and every colorful flavor was created from the heart of a person who loves. 

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