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Game Night Fever: How to Throw the Best, Last-Minute Game Night

two people playing Monopoly

There’s nothing that bonds friends and family together like a fun gaming night. Whether your gaming group prefers classic board games or modern multiplayer games, it’s always a fun idea to get together and forget our everyday worries for a little while.

So, if the glorious opportunity has presented itself (when all of you can actually take out time from your busy schedules to meet up!), you need to turn it into a memorable event that you’ll always reminisce about.

Below are our tips on throwing an easy, last-minute gaming night — Let the games begin!

Choose an Upbeat Playlist to Set the Mood

Music can lift spirits in an instant (and kill them too). So, choose an upbeat background playlist that will lift moods and create a fun gaming atmosphere. You don’t have to work too hard either; there are plenty of apps and already curated playlists on Youtube that will help you out.

a bowl of caramel popcorn

Make a Quick Custom Snack

What’s a party without snacks? Now, you probably don’t have forever to whip up a detailed, three-course meal, so why not go easy?

You can create a custom snack mix by serving a few different snack items that don’t need cooking. For example, Cuban style sliders, Texas toast garlic bread pizza, tater tot kabobs,

exotic flavored popcorn from Just Get Poppin’, and more!

Keep Disposable Dishes

You don't need fancy dinnerware when you’re having a bunch of people over on a weeknight that involves having fun and playing games. Simple disposable dishes will save you a ton of hassle! No cleaning is needed; these just go in the trash afterward, saving your time and energy. But, you can still make conscious, eco-friendly choices by opting for biodegradable or recyclable products.

Choose Your Drinks

Of course, you’ll need drinks other than water! Pick up a couple of different beverage cans you know your friends will love. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even stir up a signature drink and serve it in decorated glasses.

Do you love popcorn? We’ve got popcorn with a twist of fun! At Just Get Poppin’ you’ll find a variety of exotic flavored popcorn in Atlanta — from savories like Crab Legs, Hot Wings & Ranch, Nacho Momma, and Roasted Garlic Bread to fancies like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Caramel Butter Bliss, and many more!

If you’re feeling feisty, enjoy snacking with our range of unusual popcorn flavors.

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